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Food security is one of Malaysian government’s biggest agendas toward the future of local agriculture. Issues like low yield, high operational cost, high postharvest losses, inefficient resource utilization and climate change can be solved through implementing new and practical technologies. The emergence of new technologies will be the key factor to model the future agriculture.

Technology in the agricultural field varies from farm mechanization, controlled environment production system, food processing, water engineering management and also the latest technology involving automation and sensor application. This is where the function and anticipation of engineers play a key role in developing and promoting these technologies for modeling the future agriculture. The more efficient use of labor, the timeliness of operation and more efficient input management with a focus on sustainable high-productivity system is the targeted agricultural model.

This conference intends to provide a platform for all players in Malaysia’s agrofood industry to deliberate and address productivity related issues that are besetting Malaysian agriculture. It also aims to share experiences and seek opportunities on the adoption and application of cost effective mechanization technologies.



  • To assess the current status of mechanization and automation research and technologies for modeling the future agriculture.
  • To provide a forum for information gathering and discussion on owning, usage, marketing, services and training in mechanization and automation.
  • To strengthen local agroindustry through networking and collaboration between machine fabricators, distributors, service providers and researchers.




Distinguished speakers who are expert in various sector of agricultural and food mechanization will be invited to present paper on the following topics:

  • Mechanization policy and industry directions
  • Mechanization for agricultural crop production
  • Controlled environment production system
  • Processing of food products
  • Water engineering and management


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